planet why is a female community with the mission to enable personal growth #asktheplanetwhy


The genesis of planet°y

Orbiting Berlin since 2015

It was in November 2015, when I noticed how lucky I was, being surrounded by such diverse and inspiring women. I decided to bring these great people and even their friends closer together, as I felt that something amazing could be born if we’d share knowledge, experiences and our life’s questions.

This was the genesis of planet°y, initially called “female roundtable”, which grew from five core members to a purpose driven community that meets regularly to discuss the “whys” of our lives, to nurture personal growth.

Yasemin - Space holder

not a network but a community

There are many female networks out there and it’ll be easy to just be another one where you just meet, mingle and then leave and never show up again.

But planet°y is a community which is shaped by continuous contribution and participation of our members. This is how we can keep most of our events for free and accessible for everyone.


Taking care of our planet is key

Our planet’s culture is what makes us stand out in the milky way.

When the planet was created it had only five habitants. To keep that inspiring vibe from the beginning, is a tough one. And if we are honest, the planet’s culture has changed. But change is good, because it means we are still orbiting. For our planet°y community culture we have developed our three core values, which should guide us in how to take care of our planet:



our planet can not become more humane and equal if we only represent a small portion of its habitants: white, female, educated, career driven.

While most of our “whys” are for females only, we practice inclusion and welcome everyone.

We invite all women with diverse backgrounds, sexuality, age, you name it, and everyone (meaning all genders) who like to contribute to the planet and to personal growth.

If you believe you’ll fit and add to our values: Come and join!



A community can only exist if its members continuously contribute, participate and share their snacks.

We try to create a safe zone at every why event, so that you feel comfortable in sharing your experiences, your story and your knowledge with us.

And if you don’t feel like it, that’s also ok. You can contribute in so many ways: bring plant based food, offer your location to host one of the “whys”, help us with your design and social media skills, write a newsletter. Anything counts.



Personal growth is our community purpose. Every why aims to enable personal growth.

At planet°y we believe that when the practice of inclusion and sharing come together, something great can happen.

You will leave inspired. You might feel you grew as a person.

We’ll promise: you would want more of this feeling.

That’s what made us come together since 2015.